Take a 2 hour lesson to see if Intensive is for you. If not you lose nothing, if it is I'll include the 3 hours into the Intensive Course rate you chooseTake a 2 hour lesson to see if Intensive is for you. If not you lose nothing, if it is I'll include the 3 hours into the Intensive Course rate you chooseHave the time to spare and want to learn fast?

Intensive Courses are sometimes available throughout the week and weekends, but due to other workload, course availability cannot always be guaranteed. I will always do my best for you and try to arrange a course to suit you, but intensive courses are very time consuming and are not easy to accomodate. All course times and dates must be pre-booked over a period not exceeding 2 weeks.

Please be aware that Intensive Training is not for everyone, some do find it difficult to develop the coordination skills needed to drive well. We want you to learn and to pass your test, so you need to be sure that the workload will suit you.

You need to be certain that you can drive and learn for several hours.

For this reason I'd strongly recommend that you try at least one normal 2 hour lessons first.

Intensive courses do cost more than regular 1 or 2 hour driving lessons. That's because there are a number of arrangements that have to be made and time from other work has to be put aside for one person.

All intensive courses are charged at £30 per hour, regardless of the number of hours required.

A 10 hour course is £300

A 20 hour course is £600

A 30 hour course is £900

Driving test fees are not included. Use of the car for driving tests is a minimum of £45, regardless of the duration of intensive course or the number of hours you have pre-booked.

Please contact us for further information and to book any course.

Intensive Course Conditions

Remember, when you book and pre-pay for an intensive course, the hours you book are set aside for you and cannot be used to help anyone else. For this reason the following conditions will apply:

  • All intensive course costs include a £100 non-refundable deposit, regardless of the reason for which you may need to cancel.
  • Courses under 20 hours must be completed within 7 days, with all sessions pre-booked and agreed to.
  • Courses of 20 hours or over must be completed in 14 days, with all sessions pre-booked and agreed to.

Intensive courses are not always available as our time is booked very quickly. If we cannot offer you an intensive course we will discuss alternatives, but always keep in mind that you need to do what is best for you.

Are Intensive Courses For Everyone?

Consider whether an Intensive Course is for youConsider whether an Intensive Course is for youWeelz policy is to be completely honest, open and up front with you. Even if it means you take your business elsewhere, I'd rather you do that than feel that I'd misled you, so here goes.

Driving Schools all over the UK will offer intensive courses because it benefits them.

If they can get you in a car for a longer period it means they don't have to look for other learners and they have your guaranteed business.

Many have a policy that states once a course is booked you can't cancel it or get your money back without some form of financial penalty. That's actually understandable, because they'll have booked an instructor for the time you've paid for. Even so, it doesn't help you if you find an Intensive course isn't for you.

Some even try to sell you courses you can do 'with a friend'. Our advice is to avoid such courses at all costs, you need to learn to drive, not learn to watch.

Yes, there are some benefits (not many) to watching, but driving is an extremely practical skill requiring coordination that develops best as you do it and over longer periods between lessons. You won't be doing much of that sat in the back seat, you'll just be paying for hours that you spend not learning very much.

I know that everyone wants to learn as quickly as possible, and we can work together to achieve that, but my experience over many years is that cramming 6 or more hours of driving into one day is certainly a waste of much of that time for many people.

Some people get on very well with Intensive Courses and have no problems, but you need to be sure before you sign up.

You'll find advertisements all over the internet for 'Beginner to passed in 5 days' or something similar. They'll probably give you a list of successes. What they probably won't show is the list of people who didn't pass, who struggled terribly, who learned very little and had to more or less start again.

Yes, I've re-taught learners who took Intensive Training elsewhere and didn't do very well.

So What's The Best Way To Pass Fast?

You can pass your test quickly, you can learn intensively, but do it right. 2 hours in the morning, followed by a break and then a further 2 hours later in the afternoon is far better for most people. If you are one of those lucky people who learn physical co-ordination and psychomotor skills very quickly, then an intensive few days may be the way to go. But you'll be paying out a lot of money to take the risk that you're not.

By spreading the hours out over the day in more than one session you get the maximum benefit of the rest period. In addition to this, you'll only pay for the hours you're actually driving, you're not paying to sit in the back seat.

I am happy to discuss intensive training with you and I will be honest and advise you the best I can. We can assess your ability and decide what's best for you. We can adapt as we go. If you find intensive isn't for you (and many, many do) we can revert to fewer sessions and you won't have wasted a fortune on a course you can't benefit from.