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Weekends and evenings are often available but places are strictly limited. You can't start until you call or Contact us to book, so what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Goxhill has some great areas for driving. Look out for the horses though, you're bound to see a few each time you go out.

Dealing with horses is entirely different to dealing with other cars or road users. You need to give them more room, you need to go even slower and you need try to keep the car quiet. Just remember, horses are animals that can react in very unpredictable ways. They're big but them move fast when spooked. Let's not spook them!

A major issue in Goxhill is the level crossing. I'm quite often stuck there for several minutes until the barriers go back up. Sometimes it feels like forever, but that's another story.

Driving Instructor Goxhill

Standard 1 hour driving lessons are perfectly fine but for many people can lengthen the time it takes to get to test standard and may cost more in the long run. I would always recommend either 90 mins or 2 hours as the standard length of a driving lesson, simply to give yourself enough experience behind the wheel.

2 hour lessons are discounted and give you twice the experience and twice the learning, without being over difficult or tiring.

Your local DVSA Driving Test Centre will be either Scunthorpe or Grimsby, both of which are a good drive away.

If you're a complete beginner or you've only had a few lessons, 1 hour lessons would be just fine.

If you're up towards test standard or you're more experienced, normal 1 hour lessons simply won't be enough. You need to be getting the experience in and around either Scunthorpe or Grimsby and it'll take us a while to get there.

The great benefit to you is that the DVSA are pushing the test towards more rural driving, which is exactly what you'll be doing getting to and from the test centre areas. It's long been known that more people are involved in serious collisions on rural roads, so getting more experience on those roads is a big plus.

If you're looking for a driving instructor in the Goxhill area, give us a call and we can start your lessons.