Welcome to the original Weelz, a driving school created to provide excellent training and lessonsWelcome to the original Weelz, a driving school created to provide excellent training and lessonsWelcome to the original Weelz Driving School.

There are several Schools and Instructors across the UK using the name 'Weelz', many of them having been trained to become driving instructors by Harry Elkan and Dave Hartley.

Dave and Harry started the original Weelz almost 10 years ago as a means of helping our trainee instructors who'd had a fairly bad deal from other driving schools. There are some excellent schools out there, but as with all things in life, some of them were not so good.

We'd had instructor trainees who'd paid out a fortune and were completely demoralised by the whole process because they'd got next to nothing for their money. We even had one trainee present a warning letter from a very large School threatening legal action against him if he sought training elsewhere and published the fact.

Shame they didn't improve their training and avoid the need for extra help, but when large amounts of money are involved some schools aren't particularly interested in people. They want results, but only the results that look good on the accountants spreadsheets.

After meeting many such people, we came up with the idea for Weelz.

Harry Elkan, Grade 6 ADI

Harry has a solid background in training and is a vastly experienced Instructor Trainer.

He's been involved in managing training courses for the UK Military for many years, often overseeing programmes for hundreds of people. Taking control of that number of courses, trainers and an even greater number of trainees takes attention to detail and dedication.

Working as a manager for the Emergency Services, Harry has directed and controlled incidents such as serious collisions and road fatalities. He has directed Police Traffic Patrols attending serious incidents and pursuits and knows emergency procedures inside out. He has worked alongside the Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue and the Armed Forces.

Harry has been a Grade 6 ADI since his very first 'check test' (now referred to as the 'standards check') and has trained many other instructors to achieve a similar standard.

With vast experience of training people from their very first steps, all the way though to qualified instructor, Harry is well known in the business.

Harry mainly works in the Hull area but has trained Driving Instructors all over the country, from London to York, Sheffield to Grimsby.

Dave Hartley, Grade 6 ADI

Dave is a highly experienced Instructor trainer, having travelled the length and breadth of the UK delivering ADI training and sitting in on many ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3 tests. He has sat in on tests in Lincoln, Sheffield, Hull, York, Southampton, Manchester, Nottingham, the list could go on.

Working with the emergency services, Dave is qualified to Police Class 1 Driver standard, a level of driving that cannot normally be achieved by members of the public. Utilising these skills, he has passed on his knowledge and experience to trainee instructors getting through the qualifying process, and ADI's on standards check training.

Dave has provided training for the NHS. When a Paramedic driver trainer struggled to get through the ADI Part 3, the NHS Trust contacted Dave for help. After a 2 day recovery course the result was a pass.

Dave has also been directly involved in the investigation of countless road traffic collisions, overseeing and supervising many of  those that resulted in fatalities or serious life changing injuries. The knowledge and experience this provides is unique and gives him an insight into the factors of collisions that not many instructors can match.

Dave also has a BA (Hons) degree in CBT with modules in Personal and Corporate Coaching.

A Grade 6 ADI from his very first 'check test', he maintained that standard throughout and is now a Grade A under the new standards check.