Our sister site. 300 pages of help and adviceOur sister site. 300 pages of help and adviceA few years ago, Harry Elkan and I discussed ADI training and the poor standards we'd witnessed through our experiences all over the UK.

We'd heard countless stories, direct from the trainees themselves, of poor quality training, thousands of pounds spent with very little to show for it and the misery caused though being tied in to expensive franchises.

I've personally sat alongside trainees who were in complete despair at having paid out well over £5,000 and yet were still unable to pass Part 3.

It was amazing to see the change in them once they were shown what was really needed, once they were taught the skills of good driving instruction.

Having realised that many people needed help, we made the decision to put our lives on hold for several months. The result was our sister site, Approved Driving Instructor Training.

With the pending changes to Part 3, that section of the site will need a complete re-write. Life on hold again!

The section on Part 2 will just need a brush up, it's still all very practical advice for the test.

The general advice on this site regarding good instruction remains as relevant today as it was when it was first written. It became the 'go to' website for many thousands of trainees over the years. It was a real pleasure to see people turn up for our courses with printed pages from the site with them.

So many times I heard the same thing . . . "I showed this to my trainer and he said it's all rubbish"

Guess what?

Those trainees had failed miserably by listening to their trainers, they passed without a hitch once they'd been to see Harry and I.

I've seen ADI trainees encouraging driving acts that were actually against the law and would earn the trainee 3 points on their licence and a fine. The trainer had no idea what they were doing.

I've been in the presence of ADI trainers from very large respected schools and I heard them say "no one really understands Part 3 . . . it all depends what mood the examiner is in . . . it's luck of the draw if you pass I'm afraid"

When you've paid out thousands of pounds, such utter nonsense is the last thing you want to hear.

It's never ceased to amaze me how many ADI trainers actually passed Part 3 without  realising how they managed it. They honestly believed that they just got lucky on the day. Quite frankly, I'm sure they're right.

If your trainer says anything like this to you, my advice is that you look for another trainer immediately.

Part 3 is understandable. Part 3 is easy and straightforward when you know how.